Transforming Barriers
into Opportunities for People with Differences

Whoz DANN?

"What a great story on how Special Olympics helped a family member understand, accept and relate to
  a special needs sibling! I can personally relate to this book as we had a similar situation in our family!
  Hope to see more!"
                                             Lori Owen, Software Coding/Interface Supervisor - Margaret R. Pardee Memorial Hospital

This is our nonprofit's first published book. The cost is $10.00 with free shipping for a limited time. You
can pay securely through PayPal below or email: to find out where to send a check.

Differently Abled Neighborhood Network, Inc.

We are DANN, Differently Abled Neighborhood Network, Inc., a 501(c)3 non profit organization.

We began in 2006 as Differently Abled News Network, Inc. We geared ourselves toward serving people who are differently abled by providing an avenue for people to tell  their stories and get information about events, housing, transportation, etc., as well as, educating the public and connecting with our community through a small local magazine called Who's DANN? When the economy suffered, so did the financial support for the magazine. However, it did not curtail the desire to continue to create our dreams of support and inclusion and thus, re-define ourselves.

In 2012, we changed our name to Differently Abled Neighborhood Network, Inc. Keeping our focus on serving people living with a physical, mental and emotional challenge we realized there is so much more! We are all differently abled to some extent. We now broaden our dreams, hopes and future to creating a community that provides an outlet for transforming barriers into opportunities for people with differences, where all are celebrated, accepted and embraced.

Imagine a mountain retreat that includes a dog park, kennel and playpen area, a camp ground, a welcome center where you can share a smoothie, some coffee, friendship, etc. You can participate in one of many programs offered or rent a space to hold your organizations meetings. You can also take a leisurely walk around the paths of the property and check out the barn where weddings, family reunions, dances, music, and much more can be offered. Sound good? Well, it can happen. DANN is in the process of locating, funding and building this retreat.

Check us out by clicking on the tabs to see what's up and be sure to contact us. We love hearing from you. Get involved... you'll be glad you did!
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